Zero (food) waste on Mars — an example for planet Earth

How we all can profit from a permanent settlement on Mars We are happy to share with you the first article in this publication. We would like to give you a glimpse how the first years on Mars could look like regarding food and nutrition and what challenges lie ahead when the first humans put … Continue reading Zero (food) waste on Mars — an example for planet Earth

Why is designing food products so difficult?

An explaination what all goes wrong and what can be done better One problem is the way how new products are developed. There are many innovation methods such as Design Thinking or the Stage Gate Model that are used by some companies such as Pepsi. In Design Thinking, the first step starts with empathy to … Continue reading Why is designing food products so difficult?

What is innovation?

Despite the plethora of definitions available on literature about the meaning of innovation, it seems fair to suggest that these definitions do not deliver the meaning of innovation to its full designation. Innovation contains the latin word „nova“ which means: new, thus many propound the view that innovation is an equivalent to the quality of … Continue reading What is innovation?

Will jam be disrupted?

The competition starts every morning. Different kinds of products such as butter, margarine, dairy spread, meat spread or yeast spread to mention some, compete against each other, which is the best to fill every square cm on your slice of bread. One of the most beloved morning starters is jam, I want therefore to scrutinize … Continue reading Will jam be disrupted?