Food on Mars


We could read in the press many articles about human beings flying to Mars within the not so distant future. The plan is to establish a permanent settlement with around 1 Mio. people on the red planet. On the forefront is Elon Musk with its Space X that is developing large reusable rockets that help to reduce the transportation costs to Mars dramatically. According to some rough calculations, a one-way ticket might cost around $100K to 200K.

But we do not focus on this publication about how we get there. Our main task is to think, discuss and explore how this settlement on Mars will grow, process, distribute and consume their food. Apart from the life support system, food production will be the main issue to be solved so that a settlement can be found. Another important point is to figure out what kind of diet will be necessary for humans on Mars. The movie The Martian with Matt Damon gives an insight how food growing may look like on Mars, but it seems unlikely that humans there will feed themselves only with potatoes. It is known that poor choice in food leads to depression besides serious health issues.

We are happy to share our thoughts with you about a central project in the 21st century, the settlement of the red planet. We will publish in the coming month’s several articles that cover Food on Mars. We are also happy to post articles of other writers regarding this topic.