El futuro del café

translated by Fernanda Madrigal Centeno Imagina cómo vas a tomar tu taza diaria de café en un futuro no tan lejano. Mientras platicas con un amigo, ambos deciden ir por un par de capuchinos rápidos y frescos. Tomas tu dispositivo inteligente y lo fijas frente a tus ojos, el cual te permite entrar a un … Continue reading El futuro del café

What I learned as a coffee blender about the world

I came into the coffee industry by coincidence. After graduation from University, 25 years old, I did not know what to do or where to go. A simple job application turned into something that shaped my life forever. Through my experience as a coffee blender, I came to three conclusions: Conclusion №1: There are still … Continue reading What I learned as a coffee blender about the world

The future of coffee

Not in the so distant future, imagine how you are going to get your daily cup of coffee. While having a nice conversation with a friend, you both decided to get some quick fresh Cappuccinos. You pick up your smart device and fix it onto your glasses which enables you to enter a virtual reality … Continue reading The future of coffee