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Not all food products in supermarkets are really user- friendly. Some of them have poor nutritious value, some are badly packed and others are just inconvenient to consume. The main goal of this blog is to periodically publish ideas and concepts concerning the production of smart inventive food and other consumer products. As well as highlighting the pain points of products currently on shelves.

To underline innovative ideas for new products, I conduct consumer research and use scientific product development methodologies. My solid education in the Food Technology, along with my profound practical experience in the very sector and my creative mindset, all three have enabled me to rapidly conceptualize novel food products. I believe that creating a new product is not simply about combining new ingredients or stamping a new logo on it, it is rather about discovering the right user’s needs, positioning and meaning of a product.

Mirko Stanic in a nutshell:
I hold a university degree in Food Engineering & Technology (2007) and an Executive MBA in business innovation (2016). I accumulated more than ten years of professional experience in the consumer goods industry across Switzerland, with a focus on developing coffee systems and dairy goods. Since 2007 to date, I have been traveling to Africa, Europe, Asia and the Middle East to discover new food markets and flavors. During my work in significant Swiss food companies, I built a proven track record in launching successful and highly marketable new food lines. Besides that, I have won several food innovation awards. Currently, I am working in the marketing sector in Switzerland.