Hassle with a yogurt lid

Noon time, I am sitting in front of my computer as my stomach tells me to recharge my energy, it’s time for a healthy apricot yogurt with a high fruit content. Indeed, an ideal snack for in between. Staring at the screen, I grab my yogurt, open the lid with its sticky yogurt residues on, I flip it upside down next to me, then follows the unfortunate incident. I move my mouse around while I accidentally hit it with the sticky yogurt lid. Not a very pleasant experience indeed.


Yogurt residues on lid’s bottom sides may not only spoil your computer mouse, they can also stick to other surfaces like clothing, handbags, your kids’ hands… etc, plus they create a repulsive smell inside the waste bin. Keep in mind that Zurich City and other metropolitans charge around $2 for a rubbish bag. So if you throw away a half emptied bag, you compromise wasting money instead of solving the initial problem: getting rid of the sticky yogurt lids or having none at all.


In Japan, this problem is already tackled as you can see here. The solution is to coat the lid with a layer, that is called LiquiGlide, to allow the yogurt or other sticky fluids to flow. This technology is also applied in ketchup tubes where stickiness prevents the outflow. The advantage lies in the reduction of food waste and in some cases in the reduction or elimination of expensive thickener. Other options may include adding a throwable intermediate mesh to withhold the yogurt from the upper lid. Other smart materials can also be tested and integrated into the lid manufacturing process. However, to make opening and closing the yogurt an enjoyable experience for you and your kids, I recommend testing new manufacturing materials, processing, and substances.

Mirko Stanic is an expert in food innovation and has written a book about it. Download it on Amazon

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